The Alignment

“Earth and Sea”
Acrylic in canvas

” The Alignment. Earth and Sea the alignment with each other, is the most beautiful thing that sustains us. The most important and essential part for if we all manage the Alignment and if we are willing to give back what it deserves, it will be willing to contain us. As an artist I believe we could enjoy the earth and the sea if we all take loving care as we take care of our own home. In fact, this is our home.” (Ibriqaj, T. 2022)

The Flag Project on the eco-friendly flag selected from @unep , @climatemuseum & @rockefellercenter on the #OnlyOneEarth

”Yllyrian Vase”

Commonly used utensils, kitchen utensils with spiral decor, known as straqeva culture.
Early Neolithic period 5000 B.C
”Illyrian Vase”, Acrylic on canvas, 63” x 35”, 2022

Work Process Acrylic on canvas ” Yllyrian Vase” 2022




The work of art


''My cup runneth full'' Acrylic in Canvas 63'' x 35'' 2021
”My cup runneth full” Acrylic in Canvas 63” x 35” 2021
Work Process of the ''My cup runneth full'' 2021
Work Process Acrylic on canvas ”My cup runneth full” 2021

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