Born in Komoran, Kosova, Teuta I. Ibriqaj spent much of her childhood enjoying nature, which developed her attention to detail forms and colors. Her painting
abilities were noticed at a young age, with pieces constantly exhibited throughout her years in school. Eventually, she decided to further advance her skills and
began studying with Professor Fatmir Kripa at the Academy of Art in Prishtina.
During her years of study, Teuta distinguished herself with her ability to express herself in various themes; taking ideas and experimenting on numerous levels.
She is described by Professor Kripa as “a super talented student with vision and an open mind.” Her work has been exhibited at the Art Gallery in Prishtina,
National Museum of Kosova, and at the University of Prishtina, Kosova.
A talented linguist, Teuta spoke Serbian, French and English fluently before her
16th birthday. Putting her language abilities to use, she worked with NATO forces in Kosova. She describes her experience as “the most significant part of my life. I experienced danger, strength, peace, order and every day was an inspiration as to how strong we are as a union.” This strength and life experience is portrayed in every aspect of Teuta’s abstract work as it demonstrates her realization of the significance of life, freedom and purpose of man.
Teuta has also been active in projects involving reconciliation between young
generations of Albanians and Serbians. In 2006 and 2007 she served as the
Project Coordinator for Art Education and Cultural Exchange Partnering Project
between Kosovo and Colorado, creating the Art Mural “The Bridge” in Viti,
Kosovo, and Art Mural Project Kosova / Colorado Reciprocal Mural Project, US
Teuta currently lives and works in New York and continues working on various
art projects and participating on the art shows.