Teuta Ibriqaj shines at New York City Wednesday Art Show

Teuta Ibriqaj shines at New York City Wednesday Art Show. In the Lower East Side Manhattan. An event of artists, art, and performers. Helping end nyc homelessness with

NEW YORKMarch 17, 2016PRLog — Teuta Ibriqaj shines at: new york Street Art Show.  Event onWednesday March 9, 2016.  8pm – 10:30pm.  An event to help end New York homelessness and help build up New York City with Fruit of the Vine (  Venue address:  50 Ave B in Manhattan.   A trade show, fashion show, art exhibit, performances, and networking event.  Featuring designers & artists

Andrea Lynn
Teuta Ibriqaj
David Padworny
Mike McManus
Caney Taino
Joe Mastrofilippo

Teuta Ibriqaj brough a stellar performance with positive art, shown on a brick 4 wall pillar.   The feedback was reaction from the audience was great, and even brought in some art sales to adjoining artists.  A great performance by Teuta to help end nyc homelessness with Fruit of the Vine.

Teuta Ibriqaj bio:
Teuta I. Ibriqaj was born in Komoran, Kosova in 1976. Growing up, Teuta spent her time enjoying nature in its many forms and shapes.  She developed attention to detail and colors.  Painting and reading became her two favorite interests which later in her life became very important part of her personality. She showed interest in languages and History of Art.  She could speak fluent Serbian, French and English before she was 16.

Her painting abilities however began a lot earlier in her life.

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