TEUTA I. IBRIQAJ is an artist currently living in New York, originally from Kosovo. Teuta attended the University of Prishtina in Kosovo where she obtained her degree Bachelors of Fine Arts 2005 and perusing Public Administration and Government Policies.

Art is part of my imaginary world that I live every day. It is the world that I bring to life through colors. It’s the expression that makes me live every day in a different fancy: the feeling of peace and harmony. It is an attachment to the world around, to everything that my eyes see and beyond. I submit to patience and seize the perfect moment, that scene of depth, attraction and meaning and allow myself to be carried away by the perfectly arranged lines of objects by using all mixed media and placing on the print technique either on canvas or any form of art. The main theme I am dedicated is the Illyrian culture. Studying and bringing the artifacts alive by sharing sort of small portion of the history of the ancient culture.

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